The best car tools that make perfect holiday gifts

The holiday season is right around the corner and as a gift giver you may already be on the lookout for the best holiday deals for the special people in your life. Instead of getting gifts that people don’t typically need or want, a good idea is to give practical gifts; something that everyone can use, such as handy tools for their car.
The following are some of the best car tools that make for ideal holiday gifts:

  • Tire changing supplies. While you might not buy someone a spare tire, you can buy someone the tools they need to help them change a tire should they ever get a flat. These tools include a tire iron, tire jack, lug wrench, and some WD-40.
  • Tire pressure gauge. Tires need air from time to time, and while it’s easy to visually see when air is needed, it’s not easy to know how much air a tire requires. A digital tire pressure gauge quickly and easily provide a PSI reading of your tires, letting you know when your tires have reached correct pressure levels.
  • Portable air compressor. There are times when you need to inflate tires and you don’t have the option of heading to the air compressor at your favorite gas station. A portable air compressor that can be easily stored in the trunk gives drivers peace of mind.
  • Jumper cables. A dead battery can take a driver by surprise, and while jumper cables are important to keep in a car any time of the year, it’s definitely one of the better ideas for winter. Cold weather is tough on car batteries.
  • Wind up flashlight. These flashlights are ideal for emergency situations because you don’t need to worry about batteries going dead. Simply wind and go.
  • Multi-tool. Keeping a toolbox in a car isn’t always ideal. They can add a lot of weight and the can be inaccessible if you’re trapped in the driver’s seat and can’t reach your trunk. A multi-tool is a convenient and small gadget that provides you with several items you might need (ex. hammer, wrench, pliers, knife, etc.) in an emergency situation. It can be stored in the glove compartment for easy reach.