How to pass your first MOT?

So it’s time for your first car MOT check and you would use some tips on how to pass it with certainty. Follow the tips in the article below and learn some useful tips regarding your upcoming test. Wash your car. If your car is dirty, the tester has the right to turn you down […]

Luxury Cars Available In the USA

When it comes to buying luxury cars in the US, the definition varies. Not only between sales centers, but also from person to person.  This is because each individual has their own version of what luxury is to them. However, generally speaking, luxury cars featured in Haute Living are those that are priced at outstanding […]

How to get paid for advertising on your vehicle

For decades upon decades we’ve been transfixed with motor vehicles and have viewed them as more than a necessity but rather a luxury item instead. We’ve parted with our hard earned cash in exchange for various makes and models that caught our eye but at a certain point simply owning a vehicle wasn’t enough, we […]

Happy 80th Birthday to the Driving Test!

On March 16th the practical driving test celebrated its 80th birthday and so we thought it would be a nice idea to look back at how the driving test has changed over the years. The Road Traffic Act was implemented in 1934 and it was the introduction of this Act that led to the compulsory […]