Mazda 3 Sedan

The new Mazda 3 Sedan is perfectly positioned for the rapidly changing automotive market. It offers a mix of quality, styling, power, dynamics and fit and finish that meets the demands of today’s customers. In typical Mazda fashion, this new Mazda 3 Sedan will offer standard and optional equipment not found on other cars in its class – exactly what buyers want when seeking compact cars providing outstanding value.

This model arrives with an impressive pedigree, for the first-generation Mazda 3 earned 90 major awards from expert critics and achieved 1.8 million sales around the world during the last five years. The Mazda 3 accounts for one third of Mazda’s sales and even at the end of its build life, the first-generation version continued to earn accolades – a leading consumer magazine recently naming it as one of the most reliable compact sedans available.

Mazda 3 Programme Manager Yoshiyuki Maeda established ambitious goals for the latest embodiment of the company’s most popular car line, “We were determined to advance the Zoom-Zoom driving experience to new heights because that unique feeling lies at the very heart of Mazda. On the heels of the original Mazda 3’s success, we aimed to again exceed the expectations of customers all over the world by a wide margin. This meant providing drivers with a sense of exhilaration – whether they were in motion, seated in the Mazda 3, or enjoying its appearance from outside.”

Describing what it takes to develop a true ‘world car’, Maeda added: “The development process began with careful study and identification of what features and performance qualities would be needed. That initial phase ended with my conclusion that every driving characteristic was eligible for improvement to reach our Zoom-Zoom goals. Mazda engineering and R&D departments in Japan, Europe, and the US all contributed to the Mazda 3’s renewal effort and the development of the company’s new world car.”