Future Exotic Cars


2012 Aston Martin DBX: It will pick up where the DBS leaves off to set a new high for power and performance at 007’s favored car company. James Bond won’t need a rocket belt. Just lots of money.

2012 Ferrari FF: Italy’s premier sports-car brand replaces its luxury 2+2 coupe with a hatchback design featuring standard all-wheel drive. Don’t worry, Prancing Horse fans. The Ferrari FF is as fast and agile as a 599 GTB–and sexy enough to make “station wagons” cool.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador: Attention teenagers and wealthy speed-freaks: Lamborghini is about to unleash an even faster, sexier top-line supercar. But the Murciélago replacement also promises to be lighter, cleaner, and roomier. So it’s more practical, right? Ha!

2012 Lexus LFA: Toyota’s luxury division unveils its first high-performance sports car after five years of “will they or won’t they.” The LFA is Ferrari-fighter, image-builder, technical testbed, and executive pet-project all in one. But only 500 will ever be built–at $375,000 a pop.

2012 Pagani Huayra: Get set for a new supercar that’s designed like an airplane, can really fly, and costs a lofty $1.1 million. The Pagani Huayra marks the U.S. debut for the ultra-exclusive brand founded by a forward-thinking engineer with the soul of an artist and a passion for speed.


2013 Lamborghini Estoque: What’s this? A Lambo sedan? Yup, a high-power, high-fashion concept suggests the Italian sports car legend might follow Porsche to Four-Door Land. But the Estoque is still years away, and its path to showrooms could be a dead-end.


2014 Aston Martin DB9: James Bond’s preferred motorcar purveyor wages war on weight for a major update of its core coupe and convertible. Though less than a full redesign, the lightened-up DB9 promises lower emissions and higher mpg–plus a hot new bod.

2014 Audi Quattro Coupe: Let there be lightness! Word is that Audi’s recent Quattro Concept coupe will start limited production in 2013. Weighing less than even Audi’s exotic R8, the swanky new 2-seater signals this brand’s intent to cut major flab from all its future cars.

2014 Bugatti Royale: A fantastic 4-door concept previews the next act for Volkswagen Group’s top-tier division. With imposing size, neo-Deco styling, and huge 16-cylinder power, the reborn Bugatti Royale promises to be the world’s ultimate sedan–and priced to match.

2014 Jaguar XK200: Jaguar plans a million-dollar “eco supercar” based on its show-stopping C-X75 Concept. The XK200 won’t use micro-turbine engines, but race-car engineering will make this range-extender hybrid one of the world’s fastest sports cars–and as green as a Toyota Prius.

2014 Lotus Elan: It replaces the mid-engine Evora and could thus be the most significant of five new models coming by mid-decade from Britain’s Lotus Cars. The 21st-century Elan promises performance and exclusivity at a decent price–if it actually sees the light of day.

2014 Lotus Esprit: Against all odds, tiny Lotus Cars plans to launch five new models by mid-decade–starting with a mid-engine V8 supercar to rival the Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Porsche 911 Turbo. The new Esprit has the right stuff to succeed, but will the market give it a chance?


2015 Aston Martin Vantage: Even boutique automakers can’t escape new rules for lower emissions and higher mpg. That’s why Aston Martin is paring pounds and toning-up engines for its “junior” 2-seaters. The result should be a quicker, cleaner, and even sexier Vantage that 007 can endorse.

2015 Lotus Elite: The boutique British brand famous for lightweight sports cars does a U-turn with a posh V8 convertible-coupe aimed at Aston Martin’s DB9 and Ferrari’s California. The new Elite is part of a stunningly ambitious growth plan for tiny Lotus, and both face long odds.


2016 Lotus Elise: Tiny Lotus Cars hopes to become “The British Porsche” by introducing five all-new models by mid-decade. It’s a bold but risky plan, symbolized by a larger, heavier version of the nimble 2-seat Elise. Can the firm’s mainstay seller grow up without losing its charm?