Mercedes-Benz unveiling A45 AMG

ShareMercedes-Benz unveiled its A45 AMG ahead Geneva debut. Based on the A-Class platform, the car will get its power from a turbo-charged four-cylinder that is expected to make around 350 hp. Power will be routed through a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission to an all-wheel drive system. The A45 AMG features lower stance, stiffer suspension, a wider track, larger wheels […]

Toyota as the top car brand, according to survey

ShareAn annual survey says Toyota tops the car brands in U.S. consumer perception. Unchanged from last year, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo rounded out the top six. The survey comes less than a month after the Detroit auto show, during which the company showed off its latest vehicles and concept cars. Based on how consumers […]

Ford, Mercedes, and Renault-Nissan to produce fuel cell vehicles

ShareFord, Mercedes, and Renault-Nissan announced on Jan. 28 they would produce fuel cell vehicles in 2017. The three companies have been working on the technology, and some have demonstrated prototype vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has been testing multiple generations of their F-Cell fuel cell vehicle. The Toyota-BMW agreement covers the united development of a fuel cell stack, […]