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Armenian wedding traditions have somewhat changed in the course of the years, but some of them are followed even today. There are three main parts of the wedding: pre-wedding, when the bride-to-be is chosen, betrothal (“gaz pohel” in Armenian, literally the exchange of bread), engagement, wedding ceremonies and after-wedding rituals. Certainly, all customs and traditions in the modern world have changed: thus, the bride can be chosen by the groom as well, not only by his parents. However, the opinion of parents is very important. Read the rest of this entry

Wedding photography is very much part and parcel of the modern couple’s couple big day. Soon-to-be-married couples are willing to spend small fortunes in order to have a beautiful wedding album. But a wedding photo is not a new phenomenon as even the Victorians also liked having pictures taken of their wedding days.

Wedding photography dates back to the 1840s. Because photography was only in its infancy there were serious technical limitations on the kind of pictures that could be taken. There were none of the pictures taken outside that are popular today. The photos were not even taken at the church or in the reception. The happy couple had to pose, before or after the event, in the photographers studio. They wore their best clothes for the shoot, which meant no pictures of the bridal gown. Also, the idea of a wedding photograph was only the preserve of the better off during this period.

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