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Toyota has revealed its i-Road, the brand new three-wheeled two-seater electric vehicle.

Toyota says the i-Road is no wider than a conventional two-wheeled scooter. But unlike a normal motorcycle, the i-Road’s occupants are sheltered under a waterproof body and are not required to wear crash helmets.

A lithium-ion battery is used to power two 2kW electric motors, giving a total power output of 5.4bhp. The driving range is claimed to be around 30 miles, and the i-Road can be fully recharged from a domestic 230V socket in around three hours. Read the rest of this entry

Lexus is not only on top in Consumer Reports’ 2013 Car Brand Report Cards, it also achieved a 100-percent recommendation across all its vehicles that were tested.

The luxury vehicles earned the brand a score of 79, with Consumer Reports having looked at Lexus models specifically instead of looking at all Toyota brands and giving a combined score. It did this across the board, with Subaru and Mazda coming in at second and third place. Read the rest of this entry

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division, has long made a name for itself by producing vehicles that are known for their reliability, comfort and luxury, but the brand has never claimed to be a sports car manufacturer – until now.

Meet the Lexus LFA, a true supercar in every sense of the word and the result of a long, relentless pursuit of perfection. The LFA now sits atop the Lexus range and fills the role of halo car for the brand. Read the rest of this entry

Toyota revealed the 2014 Tundra pick-up truck at the Chicago Auto Show. The vehicle has a newly designed interior and larger, more built exterior. The truck is planned to be available in September. Toyota will also be offering two luxury Tundra models.

The truck will be available in three varieties, two of which are meant to appeal to those looking for high-end, sophisticated offerings in a pick-up. The first of the two higher-end models is the 1794 Edition, named after the ranch where the manufacturer’s factory in Texas was constructed. Second is the Platinum Tundra, having a big-city feel to it. Read the rest of this entry

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