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There are a lot of exciting gadgets and accessories to have in your car, but we selected the most useful and important ones.

1. GPS Navigator TomTom – is the worldwide map database. Read the rest of this entry

Girls just like boys love their cars maybe even a little more. However, what differentiates girls from boys when it comes to cars has to do with the fact that girls want their cars to look feminine and fashionable. Accordingly, they shop for fashionable and feminine car accessories.

There are numerous car accessories in the market to suit the needs and tastes of different girls. These include license plates with decorative frames, and pretty interior decor. There are fashionable accessories for different cars from trucks, minivans to USVs. Common accessories include floor mats, covers for car seats and the steering wheel. The accessories come in different colors to suit the tastes and needs of different individuals. Read the rest of this entry

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