All you’ll need to get Ford’s newest Fiesta ST hot-hatch is $22,195.

The Fiesta ST is the new performance flagship of the Fiesta small car line-up and extends the Ford family of turbocharged EcoBoost engines with a 1.6-litre unit that will develop 132kW of power and 240Nm of torque. Read the rest of this entry

About 700,000 Ford cars and SUVs are at the center of a federal investigation.

The National Highway Administration is looking into the Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, Mercury Mariner SUVs and Mercury Milan sedan engines.

The probe involves 2009 through 2011 models of those and they’re looking at about 725,000 vehicles.

The complaints center around engines either stalling or surging. Ford and the Highway Administration have received about 1,500 complaints of the cars going into limp mode when the vehicle’s speed is limited to 20 miles an hour. Read the rest of this entry

In the early ‘50s, both GM and Ford offered attractive and exciting sports cars, symbols of a proud post-war America. Ford had the Thunderbird and GM the Corvette, but Chrysler’s approach was more pragmatic, producing cars that were practical and robust but also slow. After commissioning a long series of concepts designed by Italiancarrozzeria Ghia, Chrysler gave a free hand to its design chief Virgil Exner to inject some life into its lineup.

Named after its creator, the XNR was originally called Asymmetrica. The dramatic style of the two-seater roadster polarized opinion when it was unveiled at the 1960 New York auto show. A vertical fin runs from the front hood scoop all the way to the tail, a nod to Jaguar’s D-Type, much admired by Exner.

The entire design is driver-orientated, which accentuates the asymmetrical construction. The driver’s windshield is tall and curved, different from that of the passenger’s, which was much smaller and flat.

The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi is the electric vehicle touted as the ideal entry-level option for those crossing the border into the market for the very first time. It is a variant of Ford’s C-Max Hybrid, a funky European-derived car abounding in sheer practicality.

Ford launched the 2013 C-Max Energi as a means by which to tap into a market that hasn’t quite made its mind up about the EV subject as a whole, hoping that it’s modest though mighty little packagewould be enough to sway floating voters for the long run. Read the rest of this entry

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