Some things are just made to go together: Peanut butter and jelly. Football and Sunday morning. Chachi and Joanie. The same is true for Power Stop Brake Rotors and Pads. The Power Stop Brake Kit includes that killer combination of pads and rotors, which have been expertly matched to each other for unbelievable stopping power. Read the rest of this entry

The founder of tuning studio GeigerCars Charles Geiger does not cease to surprise with the works. As it is known, GeigerCars is the only thing the German studio occupying with “bleeding” of exclusively American cars. And sometimes this love to stars-striped car industry accepts absolutely freakish forms. The evident certificate of that is Charles Geiger last creation – Hummer H2 Bomber. Read the rest of this entry

Chinese businessman, has decided to expose in own jewelry store the car which would involve potential buyers. The Milan studio Fenice, got support of English designer Stuart Hughes and tuning studio Romeo Ferraris undertook to execute the order of the extravagant client. Fenice has incurred exterior and interior furnish, Stewart Hughes has created design iPad, and Romeo Ferraris was responsible for bleeding of power unit and suspender change-over. Read the rest of this entry

Famous German tuning studio Hamann continues to improve Lamborghini Gallardo super cars. The new creation of Germans has received name Victory II.Studio Hamann professes the same philosophy, as other German tuning studio – Mansory. Read the rest of this entry

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